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Normandy School District New Reformation Plan

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On Saturday, February 1, 2014, Superintendent Dr. Ty McNichols, along with Chris Krehmeyer, CEO of Beyond Housing, presented an Executive Summary of the Normandy School District’s new Reformation Plan at a gathering of over 300 people. Those in attendance included students, parents, teachers, staff, board members, residents, local Mayors, members of the business community and the media.  As part of the presentation, it was communicated we would be posting the Reformation Plan in its entirety on the NSD web site by February 5th.  To view the plan, click on the link to read and learn more about the new direction of the district as outlined.


The district’s new Reformation Plan provides a road map for the future of the NSD.  We understand that our children grow and learn within a complex, interconnected web of family, school and community.  Our new vision for developing successful children nests within four areas –learning philosophy, revitalized curriculum and instruction, classroom-centered approach to social and emotional development, and ongoing community partnerships relating to education, housing, employment, healthcare and economic development.


Every day we are striving collectively to create a powerful learning environment for the children of Normandy.  Because of our history as a district and the fact that we are still relatively early in our reform process, we understand the importance of coming together in support of our children and the community. With that said, we welcome and appreciate any feedback in regards to the reformation plan. In the coming weeks and months, we will be reaching out to members of our community – internally and externally to help further the development and the process for operationalizing the plan.


In closing, we thank you for your continued support of the Normandy School District and are looking forward to providing a quality education hand-in-hand with everyone within our community.