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Five Pillars Support Achievement

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A pillar can be a post that holds up a roof, or someone who supports a group—a “pillar of the community.”  But for Normandy Schools Collaborative’s Superintendent Dr. Charles Pearson pillars are principles that support improved performance.

Last year the Boeing Company partnered with NSC to help guide school leaders in a critical analysis of NSC’s organizational culture and workplace performance.  As a result of this process, Normandy developed improvement strategies based on four pillars.

At the back-to-school convocation on August 3, 2015, Dr. Pearson identified the four pillars.  Since that presentation, a fifth pillar has been added.  The pillars are: Accountability, Collaboration, Professionalism, Trust and Respect.

Everyone knows instinctively that the key to improving student academic performance is the quality of teachers in the classroom and the support of staff. 

“As all staff members adopt the pillars and understand they are critically important to the  success of our students,” says Dr. Pearson. “Our schools will improve, and we will achieve full accreditation for the Normandy Schools Collaborative.”

Accountability:  Every single member of the staff must define and achieve high expectations for their own performance.  This involves monitoring and measuring staff performance openly, honestly and regularly.

Collaboration:  No one of us is as smart as all of us.  To perform at the highest levels, staff must work together across all boundaries of job assignments and responsibilities.  There must be open and honest identification of problems and challenges.  There must be collective definition and implementation of solutions.

Professionalism:  All educational  research points to staff professional development as the best way to improve student achievement.  It is essential that staff have the type of knowledge and skills that are essential for improving performance in our schools.

Trust:  All great organizations are based on a foundation of trust.  Staff must act in a trustworthy manner, treat others as valued assets of our schools, work together, listen to understand, not just to respond, and work hand-in-hand to build a strong and successful school district.

Respect:  All major religions have their version of the “Golden Rule” and successful organizations must follow this rule also.  It is essential that all employees treat others the way they would like to be treated. 


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